Adidas Free Emotion Perfume

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Adidas Free Emotion perfume by Adidas is a casual scent that will remind you of summer and the outdoors. Introduced in 2009, this feminine fragrance inspires confidence and poise. Tangy citrus and Oriental flowers combine with base notes of cedar, cotton, and musk to create a unique fragrance that will stay with you all day. Whether you wear it at work or for a day out on the town with friends, this scent will leave you refreshed.
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Adidas Free Emotion

Adidas Free Emotion

Adidas Free Emotion

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"Free Emotion" by Adidas - Clean, fresh, light scent. Opens with a clear, energetic, aquatic-lemon-citrus bouquet; dries to a crisp, invigorating finish that's still quite feminine. Lemon gives way to stronger citrus and ocean hearts that remain after the dry-down. Perfect 'sunshine and bright summer days' type of fragrance.

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Escrito por Fitness-Runner en March 08, 2013

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