Chloe Variety Perfume

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Find your perfect scent with the Chloe variety pack for women. The pack features four mini fragrances, including See By Chloe, Chloe Love Eau Florale, L'Eau De Chloe and Chloe New. Indulge in bergamot, jasmine and vanilla with See, or enjoy the irresistible floral scent of Love Eau Florale. L'Eau De Chloe offers a light and refreshing aroma perfect for spring or summer, while Chloe New has floral notes of magnolia and rose balanced by the woodsy fragrance of cedar.
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Chloe Variety

Chloe Variety

Chloe Variety

set-4 piece womens variety nomade eau de parfum & chloe rose tangerine eau de toilette & chloe eau de parfum & nomade eau de toilette and all 5 ml minis

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I was watching Being Mary Jane. And she was pouring out Chloe. So I wanted to know what it smelt like. I ordered the sample pack. I really didn't like Chloe Eau De Parfum, but loved, Love Chloe and I also liked See By Chloe.

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Escrito por Geraldine en February 19, 2014

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