Deseo Forever Perfume

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Deseo Forever is woodsy scent with an oriental flair designed with the sophisticated, mature woman in mind. Soft and light notes of orange blossom, peach, and apple blend with the aroma of cedar wood, mineral accord, and pink rose to create a scent that grabs attention. The casual aroma is ideal for lounging at home, walking in the park, or casual outings with friends. Its moderate scent will last for hours. Designed by Jennifer Lopez, this women's perfume was introduced in 2008.
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Deseo Forever

Deseo Forever

Deseo Forever

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This fragrance is elegant and casual at once. I love it for summer and vacations. Its woody lightness wont make you feel like a 10 year old the way some of the newer scents of today can. Its young and boho-chic, but grown up all at once. My fiance says its sexy too. How can I lose? This fragrance is wonderful!!

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Escrito por BrendaSue en October 07, 2012

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