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You are sure to feel like a superhero each time you spray the Spiderman scent on your skin. An invigorating unisex fragrance from Marvel, this scent offers the feel of the open air while providing you with the confidence you need to attack whatever the day brings. Introduced in 2012, this fragrance combines the notes of juicy orange, musky sandalwood, warm amber, fragrant lavender and tangy mandarin orange to create a scent that is heroically spectacular.
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Spiderman cologne by Marvel = This fragrance had me wrapped up for a few hours. Things seemed to be clinging to me. While wearing it I felt like I had grew 6 more feet. The only negative was it made me feel a little buggy. All in all wearing this product made me feel like I had a secret identity.

Escrito por Pete R. Parker en June 30, 2011

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