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Experience colors of the Polo spectrum for men with this four-fragrance set by Ralph Lauren. This assortment includes Polo, Polo Blue, Polo Black and Polo Red. The original Polo by Ralph Lauren fragrance debuted in 1978, with masculine notes of Artemisia, thyme, cumin, conifer woods and leather. Polo Blue arrived in 2003, an aromatic blend of melon, cucumber, basil, sage and the smoothness of suede. Launched in 2005, Polo Black melds tropical and fruity notes of mango, tangerine and lemon with sandalwood and wormwood. Polo Red premiered in 2013, combining red grapefruit, cranberry, red sage, red saffron and coffee beans for a strong, vibrant scent. This array of fragrances gives you a scent for every season and occasion.
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